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IP TV Prices

The sun started to shine again in Alanya, a wonderful summer is waiting for us. We hope you will have a great holiday. After several meeting with our Ip tv supplier...

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    Scandinavian TV Channels

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    J.O. Dreams can offer a stabile IPTV solution. With our own panel for the IPTV we are able to deliver quick and easy, Scandinavian channels etc. for your holiday property in Turkey.


    The proces for preparation of IPTV system in Turkey;

    To obtain a good and stabile TV signal from your IPTV, we are recommend you to make a permanent internet line directly and only for your residence. It is very important to chose a stable Internet with enough MB Dowload. You can read more about Internet at our web page.

    It has been said that is possible to use IPTV system by the WIFI, but we are not recommending this based on our experiences. It often causes the TV picture to be still and the reason for poor TV signals.


    Below you can read step by step description on how the installation process will go, as well as a user guide. We are suggesting that this description is always available in your apartment, since you may have guests that want to use your IP TV.

    1: You sign a contract with a Internet provider (This happens at the providers office and J.O. Dreams has nothing to do with this proces. We would be happy to inform you of the possible providers but we do not recommend a specific Internet provider) If your wish us to assist you during this proces and go with you to the different providers, we of course offer this service.

    2: When the provider you have chosen, have been at your house to install the Internet, you will sign a document stating that the Internet has been assigned to you. This process may take between 2-15 work days. (If you have bought IPTV through us, our staff will come and install IPTV after your Internet connection has been installed)

    3: Before every arrival to your apartment you need to send an e-mail to us no later than 48 hours prior to arrival to inform when you want to open your IPTV and for how long. IPTV can minimum be opened for 1 month and you pay for every started month. The price is 35 Euro per month. (The money can be withdrawed from your home service account at J.O. Dreams if you are home service customer. If you are external customer, you will have to transfer money to your accout before we are able to open your IPTV)

    As owner of the property, you are responsible to make sure that all cables etc. are intact and of a good enough quality for the Internet signal to pass. If this is not the case, we would be happy to assist you in the proces og having cables etc. changed. This goes for cables from the basement and to your apartment and for the cables inside your apartment.



    • Installation of the internet and the modem 150-300 TL (one time charge, depends on provider)
    • Monthly subscription (dependson provider)
    • For IP-V box 250 EURO (one time charge)
    • One month subscription for channels 35 EURO**


    ** For the channels you pay per month. The system automatically close when the period you have chosen expires.


    NB. J.O. Dreams can pay your internet subscription every months just as we pay your other bills IF you are home service customer with us. If you are not a home service customer, we can't offer to pay your Internet or other bills.


    You are welcome for an informal conversation in our office, by telephone or by email. One of our service consultants are ready to answer questions you may have. homeservice-dk@jodreams.dk


    We hope you will enjoy your internet and IP TV.


    Best Regards,

    J.O. Dreams service center


    +90 242 515 03 21




    IPTV Channel Listing







    DR1 HQ DR2


    DR Ramasjang DR Ultra

    DR K


    TV2 Zulu TV2 Fri

    TV2 News TV2 Charlie TV2 Film TV3

    TV3+ TV3+ HQ

    TV3 Puls TV3 Sport 1

    TV3 Sport 2

    Kanal 4

    Kanal 5 6eren 7eren

    Canal 8 Sport Canal 8 Sport HQ Canal 9

    Viasat Golf

    Disney XD

    Cartoon Network Eurosport 2

    Disney Junior/V-film


    SVT2 TV3


    TV4 Film TV12

    Disney XD

    Kanal 9

    Viasat Football Kanal 5




    TV2 Sport


    Nyhetskanalen TV2 Zebra

    TV2 Bliss

    TV2 Filmkanalen NRK1


    NRK Super TV3

    Disney XD FEM


    Boomerang MAX

    Viasat 4

    C more football C more live 1

    3 Sat



    Pro Sieben KIKA

    Sat 1

    Kabel eins N24


    VIVA Germany Das Erste Bayerische FS Nord

    EinsPlus Eurosport N-TV

    Sport 1

    SWR fernsehenBW WDR Koln


    BBC2 BBC3


    Channel4 Channel5

    Discovery BBC World

    National Geographic Nature/Crime/Playboy Eurosport

    True Drama True Movies 1

    True Movies 2


    Star Cbeebies CBBC

    4 Film



    Turn on your TV, and select the input where your box is connected (AV or HDMI input)

    Turn on the IPTV box by pressing the   red button.


    The first picture should be as the one on the picture below. Press OK, and the list of channels will be shown as the picture number 2.

    Choose a channel with the arrow keys up and down, and press OK to choose channel. Afterwards press OK again to choose a full screen. Press OK to return to the list of channels.

    If you are not able to get the channels on the screen, it’s most likely because of the internet connection or a lack of payment. It is rarely caused by the TV provider or the box.


    If you see this picture with the writing: ”page loading error” it is beacuse of your internet connection. Then contact your internet provider, if you cannot solve the problem yourself. Press the red button (F1) on the remote control to load the channels again.

    If the picture is stuck, or you get confused and do not understand what happened, you can always solve the problem by unplug the box and plug it in again.


    If the pictures is disappearing and appearing again, gets stuck etc. it is then caused by the unstable internet connection. If this text occur “your set-top box is blocked” the cause is then lack of payment.

    J.O. Dreams service center
    +90 242 515 03 21

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